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Konosioni April Word Article



I would like to announce the results of some of our most current events.  Our recent Blood Drive held on Friday 2/27 had donated 18 pints of blood.  So far, the drives that we have helped with, have donated more blood each time for The American Red Cross.  Next time we are hoping to break the 20 pint mark.  Thank you to; Brothers Carl Bliss, Garry Campbell, and Azan Hosein for helping and/or donating blood at this event.  St. Baldricks:  the event held, Sunday 3/1 was an awesome event!!!  Last year Team K-950 raised approximately $5,400 for Childhood Cancer Research.  This year we were hoping to raise our donation.  We are all very proud to announce that we did.  Team K-950, with the help of our families, and friends donated $10,500 for this much needed cause.  It is such a great feeling to know that this donation could have a positive change against an unforgiving disease.  There is no I in T.E.A.M., as a team though, we would like to extend a thank you to W;. Mike Marney for his efforts in organizing this event.

Recently, R:.W:. Edward J. Sinay Jr. DDGM attended our Lodge for our second group of second degree (FC).  As always it was great to have him in attendance.  At this degree he also presented us with award plaques for best attendance, and most improved attendance at the Grand Lecturers Convention.      

Our Easter Basket delivery has become larger each year.  This on Good Friday, April 3rd (our 32nd year), we delivered over 100 baskets to families who wish to supply a nice Holiday meal for their family.  These are not your average Easter baskets.  Each can feed a family of 8-10 people.  This donation event was started 32 years ago by Brother Rocco Buffano of our Lodge, and has grown each year since.  Each basket is approximately $35 to put together.  K-950 would like to thank:  Brother Carl Bliss for his continuous efforts, Brother Steve Simone for acquiring the boxes for delivery, all Brothers and family members involved in this event from K-950 for this delivery.  There are also many local Supermarkets, Convenient marts, and individuals who help donate to this great cause. 

With other news from our Lodge...K-950 would all like to congratulate all of our new Brothers who have achieved the status of becoming Master Masons.  It is your energy, enthusiasm, and positive intent that will keep our Lodge vibrant, exciting, and most of!  

If there is, at anytime, a Brother in distress or in need of assistance in any manner, do not hesitate to contact me.

Rick Miori